So this is the new year.

A rather long post about life and stuff.

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Went to a barbecue today over on the south side at Alan's; myself, Grant, Haley, Jamie, Scott, Gemma, Mikey, Kari and of course Alan himself who is away to America quite soon. We had beer and burgers and chatted a bit then played some rugby out in the park. I have sunburn and a bit of a sore knee, not to mention dirt all over my clothes but it was more than worth it, an awesome day all round.

Photoshoots, Singapore and Bishop’s Countdown.

A bit of a recap.

On Thursday I met Ellie in the morning to give her a bulb for the studio lights and we sat in the sun for a while until Grant met us and we headed to the studio while Ellie went home to do some shoots of her own. Grant's shoot went fairly smoothly; Haley turned up after a while just to hang out and keep us company and Jamie showed up for his shoot at about half 4. His part of the shoot went by fairly quickly which was good because it was a really nice day outside and I didn’t want to miss it all. I’m happy with the results of both shoots though.

After the studio we picked up some beer and Haley gave us all a lift home and Grant came to my house to sit in the sun and drink beer; Jamie stayed for a couple too but had to head home to get some work done. Was a nice night just relaxing and chatting.

Friday I woke up nice and early, took my time easing into the day and getting ready. At about 1, Andrew and Sam picked me up and we went to Dalmuir park to sit and enjoy the sun. Ellie joined us after a while and it was rather nice until the weather turned a little and ultimately we had to venture inside and rethink our plans. After some deliberation we decided upon Chinese food followed by going to see Thor in the cinema. The chinese food was awesome but I think everyone ate a little too much, leading to some slight feelings of queasiness. Thor was pretty good, thoroughly enjoyable film. It had Idris Elba in it so that sold it for me. After the film, Ellie just managed to catch her bus and Andrew and I got a train home.

Not long after I got home I discussed plans with Grant for going to the cinema that night which left me only about 20 minutes at home, a little less than I would have liked but not a big problem. So we got the train to Scott's and he drove us to the GFT to see Aliens which was wonderful; I haven't seen it in a long time and to see it in the cinema in very high quality was great, I'm astounded by how good a film it is, still the definitive movie in it's genre.

So that brings us pretty much to now. Tomorrow I’m going to a barbecue which should be fun, not been to one in ages. Sunday is my niece’s birthday, she’ll be turning two. I think we’re all going out to dinner for it.


Went to get my portfolio printed today which went fairly smoothly. Grant came along to give me some company. Dropped the files off at the printers then we headed along to the GU to meet Jamie while he was having lunch; couple of pints and a random game or two of darts. Headed back to the printers and collected my prints, they made two copies because the first ones were a little dark but they’re not bad at all so I now have an extra set. Then it was off to the art store for wallets for the portfolio and some labels. After all that was taken care of we went to the Counting House and I had a cheeky wee curry club and another pint.

Headed home for a while to sort out the portfolio which went alright, think it’s looking pretty decent. Mathy picked me up at 7ish and we headed into town to see True Grit with Grant, Chud and Jamie. Bit of a mix-up and Chud's inability to correctly tell time lead to a wee run over to Braehead to catch a later showing. Thought the film was rather good; acting, cinematography and structure were all wonderful, as per usual with the Coens, not sure about some other aspects, probably needs a second viewing but a good film either way.

A bit of rather insane driving on the way home, even by Mathy's standards, and here we are. Not a bad day at all. Have my portfolio interview for the Met tomorrow so that should be good fun.

Oh what fun we had


After college I got the train into Glasgow and had coffee with Pierre for a wee while. Had a good chat about some general stuff and a nice slice of homemade jaffa cake. Spent most of the time discussing his architecture project, a good laugh about some of the things he still needs to consider and helped him out with a few ideas. Took the subway to Hillhead and met folks in Curlers for a few drinks. Then we all took a couple of taxis to the rugby. I quite enjoyed the game though it got a bit chilly by the end but was good fun. After that we walked to The Wise Monkey for more drinks and banter and so Scott could drool over the barmaid a little. Got a taxi home around midnight; decided to skip the Oran Mor for once.

While I was at the rugby my friend Hannah text me. I haven’t really spoken to her since around August and considering she was my best friend for years that’s a bit strange. I don’t know what happened really, we didn’t drift apart or anything, we just stopped getting in touch with each other. Anyway, she suggested meeting for coffee soon which is awesome, really looking forward to catching up with her.


Up at around 9 which is the earliest I’ve been up on a weekend for ages. Went to the QMU for the comic book fair at which OR Comics were exhibiting. Got myself a free badge and picked up a few old sci-fi novels while I was there. After that we went to see Gemma’s show at the Mitchell Theatre which was based on the music of Madness. I rather enjoyed it even though it isn’t really my type of thing. Didn’t do much else the rest of the night really.


Really relaxed day today. I have some college stuff to do but I’m trying to make sure I don’t get too stressed about that. I’ve been reading some of The Great Gatsby and it’ll be time to make some food soon.


So that’s a wee catchup of recent events. How are you all doing? Good, I hope.

day 25 - your day in great detail

well i’m gonna do last night in great detail if that’s cool.

left my house around 6ish or something and walked to the station, got a train that was supposed to go on a different line so had to get off at the next stop and walk to the other station and get on another. got off at scotstounhill and found scott and adam's flat.

mikey and kari were there and scott was making some interesting variations on cocktails. all i know is mine had gin and cider in it, had a few drinks and then it was time to head into town. we had to pick up gemma on the way so needed two taxis. mikey, kari and adam went straight into town while scott and i took the other taxi to pick up gemma and then meet the others in maggie mays. somewhere around this point i realised i’d lost my red hat, hoping it fell out of my pocket at scott’s and i’ll get it back. had a havana and coke then realised we should be heading to the gig.

got to the barrowlands and left a ticket at the box office for alan [who never turned up in the end]. by the time we put our stuff in the cloakroom the support acts had finished, mikey bought a round of diesels and we took up a good spot to the left of the stage, pretty close. had never seen frightened rabbit live before, i haven’t listened to them in a few months so it was great to see them put on an immaculate ‘greatest hits’ type set, consistently brilliant and helped by the fact that they opened and closed with two of my favourite songs of theirs. got pulled through the crowd by scott and gemma at some point, ended up down the front with scott for a while before returning to the side of stage. danced to some inappropriate lyrics and generally enjoyed the atmosphere of the ever-wonderful barrowlands.

after the gig we got our coats and stuff and met up with deans and sian and all that group outside, walked them to high street so they could get the last train. went to maggie mays again to meet up with mikey, kari and adam who had left a little early. gemma got a few texts from her flatmate jane so we decided to go meet her in the west end, grabbed another taxi, adam went for a curry then home at this point.

got the taxi to the oran mor, found a table and had a good few drinks. more havana 7’s and coke in my case which is my idea of a good night. jane and her friend mirren arrived and had a bottle of wine, think mirren was fairly drunk already. had a long conversation about her, scott and i all getting a flat together, i think i’d like to live with scott actually, not many people i can say that about. it was a good night of chat, i love the oran mor really, it’s expensive but it just seems to encourage interesting conversation. mikey and kari took scott’s keys and wet back to stay at his flat.

at this point i had to decide between paying £20 for a taxi home, going to scott’s flat and sleeping on his couch or staying at gemma’s flat. took the latter option as it seemed the cheapest and most enjoyable as it allowed for a late night. last orders came and i finished about 3 drinks which is always fun. mirren somehow managed to upset some guy at the bar which resulted in some swearing and general unpleasantness. lost track of jane and mirren outside the oran mor and went back to gemma’s with her and scott. a couple of her flatmates were in edinburgh so i was informed i had a choice of rooms for the night, like some boutique hotel. chose my room based on decor and how comfortable the bed looked, said my goodnights and went off to sleep.

got a surprisingly great sleep, woke up to a lot of light coming in the window but still just lay in bed for quite a while after that. finally got up around half 11 and went to check on scott and gemma who were just up, scott looking a little rough. said my goodbyes and checked out of my room and went slipping and sliding down to byres road. had a little look in fopp and the oxfam bookshop but nothing really caught my eye, saw a jay mcinerney book but i haven’t read bright lights, big city yet despite it sitting on my bedside table for weeks and weeks. was tempted by a coffee but my stomach didn’t feel upto it.

quite lucky with the trains, got one about 4 minutes after arriving at the station. made slow progress walking back from the station through the snow. now i’m home typing this and in need of a good shower and something hot to eat. and that pretty much concludes the story of last night.

kudos to anyone that actually read all of this.