Back to GSA tomorrow. Not sure how I feel about it yet but I think it’ll probably be alright. At least being in the new studio should be good.

Back to GSA tomorrow. Not sure how I feel about it yet but I think it’ll probably be alright. At least being in the new studio should be good.

Had coffee with featherfall today. Talked about how we’re going to take over the world and the word ‘carpenter’. Hopefully going to collaborate soon which could be very interesting so I’m looking forward to that. Going to sit at home tonight and read The Rules of Attraction.


So today was my enrollment for GSA. I’ve had a few family problems over the last week, particularly sunday night, so I wasn’t really in a very good mood this morning and wasn’t enthusiastic about it at all. In the end it went quite smoothly but was nothing exciting. I’m hoping that my enthusiasm will pick up over the next week so that I can start things off in the right frame of mind. Feeling stressed out tonight so I think I’ll just relax and hope some beer can help.

Also, I’ve been listening to the new Grizzly Bear album all day and it has certainly helped to improve my mood.

Wine, talk and volcanic rock.

On saturday, Hannah text me and asked if I felt like meeting for drinks. We met in Central and shared a bottle of wine in a bar nearby. It was really great catching up - after not seeing her for a year. We caught up on life and what we’d been upto. We also had a little chat about a possible collaboration which could be quite fun. It’s good to have people who you can talk over ideas with and develop them. After that we moved on to Bar Ten for a couple more drinks and then Max’s on Queen Street before Hannah got the train home. Overall a lovely night. Hopefully it won’t be another year before we do it again.

On sunday, Ashley and I went for a walk up Dumbarton Rock which was good fun and not as big as I remembered. I got some nice photos and some ideas for a possible photoshoot soon. I was really small last time I was up there so it was strange seeing the view again after so long.

I didn’t do anything too exciting for the next couple of days but today I went to the Futureproof exhibition at Street Level which was really good (full post to follow). I also bought 'An American Dream' by Norman Mailer for £2 which I’m looking forward to starting.


Lately I’ve been;

watching: Breaking Bad season 4

reading: Jay McInerney - Model Behaviour

listening to: Bloc Party - Four


I had a really positive experience earlier today when I visited 'Blue', an exhibition featuring recent graduates from the Glasgow School of Art's Fine Art departments the RGI Kelly Gallery.

The exhibition features photography, installation, sculpture, painting and drawing and the stardard is stunning, so many great skills and ideas on display. It was a very inspirational collection of work. I got talking to the two women in the gallery about attending GSA next year, the quality of work and our opinions on some of the most successful elements and works. While the work was excellent, I didn’t find it intimidating because the range of techiniques on display showed me that I will have freedom to find the areas where I am most successful.

Generally it was just really positive to see a great collection of work in such varying styles. It made me feel a lot more excited about the next few years.

So Here We Are - a life update post.

I suppose quite a lot has happened lately that I haven’t mentioned on here but my memory is pretty awful though so I’ll just see what comes to me.

Ashley and I went down to London for the day a couple of weeks ago, she had a photoshoot thing to go to and I tagged along. We couldn’t afford to stay, or travel in any style so we needed to get a nightbus there and the same again back. That meant more than 16 hours of travel for 14 hours in London which was horrible. Thankfully the weather was good down there, we got to spend a little time in Camden and I got to wander around Spitalfields which was fun. Hopefully we can go back again soon and spend a few days there.

I got an A again this year in college. That means I’m officially going to GSA next year which is exciting but pretty daunting too. It’s a big commitment, I guess I just need to have faith in myself that I can do well and make it a worthwhile experience. It’s probably the best opportunity I’ve ever had to do something truly special so I’m determined to make the most of it. I’ll post my end of year project sometime soon.

Jamie came back from England this weekend for a while so on Saturday a few of us got together and had a pretty decent night out. Started out at Brewdog, had some Sink the Bismarks, thoroughly enjoyed it as always, had a curry, hit Sleazy’s for a bit and then finished at the casino.

On Sunday Ashley and I went swimming with my sister, niece and nephew. It was the first time the kids had been and it was great to see them splashing around and having so much fun in the water. Sunday night I went to Grant's and watched the football with him and Jamie. The game was pretty spectacular really so obviously that was good.

Can’t remember what else has happened lately really so that’ll do for now.

Currently reading: Hemingway - A Farewell to Arms

Looking forward to getting this project handed in..

so that I can work on editing some other shoots I did ages ago but haven’t had a chance to go through properly yet.

You can probably tell that I studied architecture

mostly because I pretty much wear only black and grey.

It’s a good feeling..

when you get in touch with people you haven’t spoken to for a while and clear some things up, even apologise for some things you might have done wrong. Especially when they respond well to it.

’ a fist of light.’

Forgot to mention; I got accepted into the Glasgow School of Art. Problem is it’s a first year place which considering that it’s a prestigious school is still rather good and hardly anyone gets that opportunity. I still feel a little annoyed about it though and I’m worrying about how capable I would be of adapting to that sort of environment. Everyone tells me that I’m still young but I don’t really feel it, I don’t feel like I have quie that same single-minded drive that I used to be able to call upon.

The college I’m at might offer me a third yeat place and I just don’t know which one is better: a better school but much riskier or take the easy option but probably not gain as much from the experience?