Photoshoots, Singapore and Bishop’s Countdown.

A bit of a recap.

On Thursday I met Ellie in the morning to give her a bulb for the studio lights and we sat in the sun for a while until Grant met us and we headed to the studio while Ellie went home to do some shoots of her own. Grant's shoot went fairly smoothly; Haley turned up after a while just to hang out and keep us company and Jamie showed up for his shoot at about half 4. His part of the shoot went by fairly quickly which was good because it was a really nice day outside and I didn’t want to miss it all. I’m happy with the results of both shoots though.

After the studio we picked up some beer and Haley gave us all a lift home and Grant came to my house to sit in the sun and drink beer; Jamie stayed for a couple too but had to head home to get some work done. Was a nice night just relaxing and chatting.

Friday I woke up nice and early, took my time easing into the day and getting ready. At about 1, Andrew and Sam picked me up and we went to Dalmuir park to sit and enjoy the sun. Ellie joined us after a while and it was rather nice until the weather turned a little and ultimately we had to venture inside and rethink our plans. After some deliberation we decided upon Chinese food followed by going to see Thor in the cinema. The chinese food was awesome but I think everyone ate a little too much, leading to some slight feelings of queasiness. Thor was pretty good, thoroughly enjoyable film. It had Idris Elba in it so that sold it for me. After the film, Ellie just managed to catch her bus and Andrew and I got a train home.

Not long after I got home I discussed plans with Grant for going to the cinema that night which left me only about 20 minutes at home, a little less than I would have liked but not a big problem. So we got the train to Scott's and he drove us to the GFT to see Aliens which was wonderful; I haven't seen it in a long time and to see it in the cinema in very high quality was great, I'm astounded by how good a film it is, still the definitive movie in it's genre.

So that brings us pretty much to now. Tomorrow I’m going to a barbecue which should be fun, not been to one in ages. Sunday is my niece’s birthday, she’ll be turning two. I think we’re all going out to dinner for it.