So Here We Are - a life update post.

I suppose quite a lot has happened lately that I haven’t mentioned on here but my memory is pretty awful though so I’ll just see what comes to me.

Ashley and I went down to London for the day a couple of weeks ago, she had a photoshoot thing to go to and I tagged along. We couldn’t afford to stay, or travel in any style so we needed to get a nightbus there and the same again back. That meant more than 16 hours of travel for 14 hours in London which was horrible. Thankfully the weather was good down there, we got to spend a little time in Camden and I got to wander around Spitalfields which was fun. Hopefully we can go back again soon and spend a few days there.

I got an A again this year in college. That means I’m officially going to GSA next year which is exciting but pretty daunting too. It’s a big commitment, I guess I just need to have faith in myself that I can do well and make it a worthwhile experience. It’s probably the best opportunity I’ve ever had to do something truly special so I’m determined to make the most of it. I’ll post my end of year project sometime soon.

Jamie came back from England this weekend for a while so on Saturday a few of us got together and had a pretty decent night out. Started out at Brewdog, had some Sink the Bismarks, thoroughly enjoyed it as always, had a curry, hit Sleazy’s for a bit and then finished at the casino.

On Sunday Ashley and I went swimming with my sister, niece and nephew. It was the first time the kids had been and it was great to see them splashing around and having so much fun in the water. Sunday night I went to Grant's and watched the football with him and Jamie. The game was pretty spectacular really so obviously that was good.

Can’t remember what else has happened lately really so that’ll do for now.

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'these strange explosions hit me..'

Haven’t done a proper life post on here in a while so here it goes:

I’m feeling pretty good in general lately, can’t really complain about anything. College work is mounting up as I’m trying to push myself with my graded unit. I’m doing quite a personal project about my dad’s life and his upbringing as well as my relationship with him and I’m doing it on expired colour film. It’s fun but difficult, I’m just hoping I can match the results with what I have in my head.

Trying to stay in touch with people is difficult too, I want to be social but I don’t want to burn myself out so it’s a tricky balance. There are lots of people I’m missing right now. I’m looking forward to Nicole coming back to Glasgow soon though she won’t be here for long. I also hope the weather gets better again soon so that facksake and I can sit outside with beers.

I’ve been managing to read plenty lately so that’s a good thing; I’m currently about half way through The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy and thoroughly enjoying it. As well as that I’m reading Cosmopolis by Don Delillo and recently finished Brighton Rock.

Feel like I’ve run out of stuff to talk about for now but I’ll add some stuff if it comes to me. Nice talking to you Tumblr.

One minute of facksake.

So this is the new year.

A rather long post about life and stuff.

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My complete graded unit.

My complete graded unit.

Last couple of days.

Thursday I went to town to arrange some photography stuff which went really well, quite pleased about that as it means I can relax a little and really focus on getting stuff right. I met Pierre for lunch in trans-europe and I went to his flat to watch the stop-motion animation which I helped him out with, it looks good. After that I headed to the west end and bought an old book and some maps from Relics [will post photos sometime] then I met Kirsty; we wandered around for a while and I bought some clothes then we headed for dinner. Went to Nando’s with Pierre and Nicole which was fun, that was the first time that all four of us had went out for a meal in about 4 years. After that I got the train home, said goodbye to Kirsty at Partick, picked up some beers and Grant came over to hang out for a bit and watch some West Wing which was cool.

Today I got up early to go to college; didn’t really do much most of the morning just discussed some things and I just made sure I had everything planned out for the next few weeks. The afternoon passed in an equally uneventful manner until about 3 when Kirsty arrived for her shoot for my graded unit. She gets a little nervous in front of the camera but the shoot went really well and the photos look great; she did good. After wrapping that up we went to McDonalds which is rare for me but I do enjoy a toffee sundae. Said goodbye to Kirsty at the station then headed home. I’ve been feeling tired so haven’t done much since I got home but it’s been a good few days. It was good to see Kirsty because I don’t get to see her often enough and she’s going back to Plymouth for the summer soon.

Tomorrow I’m going to take my laptop and go to Pierre and Nicole's for the night to hang out and get some college stuff done.

Went to a barbecue today over on the south side at Alan's; myself, Grant, Haley, Jamie, Scott, Gemma, Mikey, Kari and of course Alan himself who is away to America quite soon. We had beer and burgers and chatted a bit then played some rugby out in the park. I have sunburn and a bit of a sore knee, not to mention dirt all over my clothes but it was more than worth it, an awesome day all round.

Some portraits of Grant for use in my graded unit.

Some portraits of Grant for use in my graded unit.

Photoshoots, Singapore and Bishop’s Countdown.

A bit of a recap.

On Thursday I met Ellie in the morning to give her a bulb for the studio lights and we sat in the sun for a while until Grant met us and we headed to the studio while Ellie went home to do some shoots of her own. Grant's shoot went fairly smoothly; Haley turned up after a while just to hang out and keep us company and Jamie showed up for his shoot at about half 4. His part of the shoot went by fairly quickly which was good because it was a really nice day outside and I didn’t want to miss it all. I’m happy with the results of both shoots though.

After the studio we picked up some beer and Haley gave us all a lift home and Grant came to my house to sit in the sun and drink beer; Jamie stayed for a couple too but had to head home to get some work done. Was a nice night just relaxing and chatting.

Friday I woke up nice and early, took my time easing into the day and getting ready. At about 1, Andrew and Sam picked me up and we went to Dalmuir park to sit and enjoy the sun. Ellie joined us after a while and it was rather nice until the weather turned a little and ultimately we had to venture inside and rethink our plans. After some deliberation we decided upon Chinese food followed by going to see Thor in the cinema. The chinese food was awesome but I think everyone ate a little too much, leading to some slight feelings of queasiness. Thor was pretty good, thoroughly enjoyable film. It had Idris Elba in it so that sold it for me. After the film, Ellie just managed to catch her bus and Andrew and I got a train home.

Not long after I got home I discussed plans with Grant for going to the cinema that night which left me only about 20 minutes at home, a little less than I would have liked but not a big problem. So we got the train to Scott's and he drove us to the GFT to see Aliens which was wonderful; I haven't seen it in a long time and to see it in the cinema in very high quality was great, I'm astounded by how good a film it is, still the definitive movie in it's genre.

So that brings us pretty much to now. Tomorrow I’m going to a barbecue which should be fun, not been to one in ages. Sunday is my niece’s birthday, she’ll be turning two. I think we’re all going out to dinner for it.

and so it begins

Today I had my first photoshoot for my Graded Unit project. I was really excited about getting it started and the shoot went as well as I could have hoped; really happy with the results. Haley was modelling for me and she did really well; relaxed in front of the camera and always looking for things she could do to get a better photo. Going to get the other shots to go with her portraits soon so that I can get them finished and I’m doing a shoot with Grantand Jamie next week. So far everything is looking good.